The Artifacts Repository section provides example documents that are associated with each of the T-STEM Design Blueprint Benchmarks. This section will assist you by providing concrete examples of the items mentioned in the Design Blueprint Rubric. You can also view example artifacts via the Design Blueprint Rubric section.

Name Benchmark Type Size
Alamo Dual Credit Task Force 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 1 MB
Exploring HS Endorsement Pathways 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 4 MB
Choose Your Advocacy Adventure Results in Session 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 18 KB
Choose Your Advocacy Adventure 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 1 MB
CTE: Show Me the Money 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 3 MB
Edcamp Flier - Back 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership word 24 KB
Exemplar Poster Session Guide 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership word 2 MB
Foundation HS Program 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership word 18 KB
3 TOTs to Build Rigor 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 904 KB
3 TOTs - Article 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership word 24 KB
Google Apps Challenges 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 54 KB
Edcamp: How to Be Awesome at Edcamp 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 515 KB
I'm Connected Now What - Level 1 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 18 KB
Instructional Rounds 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 879 KB
Making MS STEM Magnificent 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership word 1 MB
Making MS STEM Magnificent -pptx 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 96 KB
PBL Workshops on Deck 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 576 KB
PBL on Deck - pptx 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 12 MB
Senior Capstone 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 658 KB
STEM Force Awakens 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 12 MB
All Tied Up - pdf 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 664 KB
All Tied Up - pptx 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 2 MB
T-STEM Blueprint Notes page 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership word 23 KB
The Evolution of STEM in Lubbock ISD 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 376 KB
Data Analytics: Tracking Student Performance Data and College Readiness Indicators 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 2 MB
TX Workforce Commission: Using Labor Market Data 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership file 21 MB
Twitter Station Handout 2016_STEM_Summer_Leadership pdf 39 KB
300x150.gif Artifacts image 1 KB
Advisory Board Handbook - Lyford benchmark-1 word 1 MB
1 - 2015 T-STEM Blueprint benchmark-1 pdf 1 MB
T-STEM Coalition Summer Activities 2014 benchmark-1 pdf 1 MB
Advisory Board Handbook -Educate Texas 2013 benchmark-1 word 1 MB
Exemplars Grant Webinar 2015 benchmark-1 pdf 304 KB
1352739698 Academy Newsletter - Lancaster ISD benchmark-1 pdf 2 MB
0 Walkthrough Analysis - Global HS 2012-13 benchmark-1 word 147 KB
Vision and Mission Statement - Parkland HS benchmark-1 pdf 132 KB
Sample T-STEM Coach Site Visit Agenda benchmark-1 word 355 KB
Sample Agenda - Document benchmark-1 word 357 KB
Sample T-STEM Coach Site Visit Agenda 2 benchmark-1 pdf 38 KB
Sample Schedule with Advisory & Teacher Common Planning benchmark-1 pdf 1 MB
test_image.jpg benchmark-1 image 64 KB
1382024286 Advisory Guidelines benchmark-2 pdf 382 KB
4YearCTEPathways.AKINSSTEM.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 34 KB
4YearCTESTEMPathways.MISD.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 772 KB
Graduation Program - AKINS STEM 2014 benchmark-2 pdf 4 MB
Building A Dual Credit Program - Educate TX benchmark-2 word 107 KB
Business.IndustryEndorsement.HSAWaco.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 508 KB
CareerDay.MS.NEISDSTEMAcademy.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 1 MB
CourseSelection.HS.MECHS.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 193 KB
CourseSelection.MS.NEISDSTEMAcademy.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 3 MB
CourseSelection10th.NEISDSTEM.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 507 KB
CourseSelection11th.NEISDSTEM.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 502 KB
CourseSelection12th.NEISDSTEM.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 505 KB
CourseSelection9th.NEISDSTEM.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 492 KB
ECHS.4yearPLan.SouthEarlyCollege.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 211 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanComputerInformationSystems.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx benchmark-2 excel 22 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanEngineering.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx benchmark-2 excel 21 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanMathFocus.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx benchmark-2 excel 23 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanMathFocusRegular.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx benchmark-2 excel 22 KB
ECHS.CourseGuide.MECHS.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 946 KB
ECHS.DropForm.RoscoeECHS.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 269 KB
Extracurricular.LunchBunchClubs.DaVinci.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 56 KB
HB5.HSGraduationPlan.AliefISD.jpg benchmark-2 image 1 MB
iON_Future_-_STEM_Career_List benchmark-2 file 392 KB
1272733731 Academy Brochure 2 - Parkland HS benchmark-2 pdf 1 MB
Academy Brochure - Parkland HS benchmark-2 pdf 795 KB
PGP.AtAGlance.MECHS.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 154 KB
PGP.HS.BrooksAcademy2015.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 8 MB
PGP.HS.ComalISD.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 166 KB
PGP.HS.GPCI.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 2 MB
PGP.HS.HISD.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 44 KB
PGP.SaladoISD.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 494 KB
PublicService-Biomedical_Sciences.HSAWaco.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 651 KB
STEM Counselor Checklist - Educate TX benchmark-2 word 127 KB
2015 STEM Counselor Handbook benchmark-2 word 2 MB
Summer_Bridge.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 382 KB
THECB_60x30_Strategic_Plan_.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 351 KB
VolunteerHourTemplate.ATEMS.pdf benchmark-2 pdf 274 KB
1352135654 Commitment to Graduate - Eastside Memorial HS benchmark-3 pdf 24 KB
Application - Parkland HS benchmark-3 pdf 45 KB
Commitment Parent/Student - Parkland HS benchmark-3 pdf 75 KB
Recruitment: Pre-Registration, Parkland HS benchmark-3 pdf 63 KB
STEM 4 yr Plan - Lancaster benchmark-3 pdf 1 MB
Gender Bias in the Classroom.STEM.2013 benchmark-4 file 1 MB
Walkthrough Analysis - Global HS 2012-2013 benchmark-4 word 149 KB
PD plan for PLCs benchmark-4 pdf 54 KB
Lancaster STEM Pipelines benchmark-4 pdf 1 MB
Walkthrough Analysis -Global HS 2012-2013 benchmark-4 pdf 224 KB
16 Habits of Mind - Graphics benchmark-5 word 119 KB
16 Habits of Mind - Defined benchmark-5 pdf 83 KB
21st Century Skills - Definitions benchmark-5 pdf 280 KB
21st Century Skills - Overview benchmark-5 pdf 154 KB
Capstone Handbook - Educate TX benchmark-5 pdf 2 MB
Job Shadow Forms benchmark-5 word 96 KB
Capstone & Internship Overview - METSA benchmark-5 pdf 203 KB
21st Century Skills & Competencies - National Research Council benchmark-5 pdf 741 KB
PBL Defined - Buck Institute benchmark-5 pdf 69 KB
1353950553 PBL Components - UTEP benchmark-5 pdf 2 MB
PD plan for PLCs benchmark-5 pdf 54 KB
PISD Framework for Inquiry Driven PBL benchmark-5 pdf 3 MB
Wheel of Apps - University of Edinburgh benchmark-5 pdf 2 MB
2014 ASCE Scholarship Aptitude Chart benchmark-6 pdf 1 MB
Dallas ASCE Scholarship Application benchmark-6 pdf 160 KB
Employability Skills - Irving ISD Academy benchmark-6 pdf 118 KB
Parent Newsletter - Coppell benchmark-6 pdf 447 KB
Parent Newsletter Coppell.2014 benchmark-6 pdf 517 KB
MOU Sample - Parkland HS benchmark-6 pdf 38 KB
6 Month Strategic Plan Overview benchmark-7 word 71 KB
1340127867 Academy Action Plan - Parkland HS benchmark-7 pdf 3 MB
SMART Goals Planning Template benchmark-7 word 47 KB
1349977595 Walkthrough - Charles A. Dana Center & LISD CIAS Dept benchmark-7 pdf 766 KB
AcademicProbationAgreement.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 312 KB
AngerManagement.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 1 MB
Brochure.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 529 KB
CollegeAdmissionStatus.BrooksAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 596 KB
CollegeApplicationTrackingSpreadsheet.HSEAustinSullivan.xlsx Counselor_Hacks excel 114 KB
DallasISDMultipleTSI.ResourceLinks.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 388 KB
ECHS.AcademicCounseling.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 1 MB
ECHS.AdmissionsApplcation.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 181 KB
ECHS.RisingSeniorSurvey.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 464 KB
GenderFairCounselingForSTEM.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 1 MB
GraduationNeedToKnows.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 450 KB
LtrRecomRequest.BrooksAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 267 KB
LunchClubCollegePrep.DaVinci.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 56 KB
MStoHS.Recruiting.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 2 MB
MyHSandBeyondPlan.BrooksAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 1 MB
RecruitingParentInfo.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 1 MB
Recruitment.Application.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 600 KB
Recruitment.Orientation.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 1 MB
RecruitmentSignIn.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 359 KB
RecruitmentSignIn.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx Counselor_Hacks excel 60 KB
StudentSupportLog.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 6 KB
TalentAndAwards.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 27 KB
UniversityApplicationChecklist.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks pdf 46 KB
4YearCTEPathways.AKINSSTEM.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 34 KB
4YearCTESTEMPathways.MISD.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 772 KB
Business.IndustryEndorsement.HSAWaco.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 508 KB
CareerDay.MS.NEISDSTEMAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 1 MB
CourseSelection.HS.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 193 KB
CourseSelection.MS.NEISDSTEMAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 3 MB
CourseSelection10th.NEISDSTEM.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 507 KB
CourseSelection11th.NEISDSTEM.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 502 KB
CourseSelection12th.NEISDSTEM.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 505 KB
CourseSelection9th.NEISDSTEM.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 492 KB
ECHS.4yearPLan.SouthEarlyCollege.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 211 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanComputerInformationSystems.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student excel 22 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanEngineering.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student excel 21 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanMathFocus.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student excel 23 KB
ECHS.4yearPlanMathFocusRegular.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.xlsx Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student excel 22 KB
ECHS.CourseGuide.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 946 KB
ECHS.DropForm.RoscoeECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 269 KB
Extracurricular.LunchBunchClubs.DaVinci.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 56 KB
Extracurricular.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 30 KB
HB5.HSGraduationPlan.AliefISD.jpg Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student image 1 MB
Internships.InterestQuestions.BrooksAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 295 KB
Internships.ResumeExample.BrooksAcademy.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 1 MB
LunchClubCollegePrep.DaVinci.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 56 KB
PGP.AtAGlance.MECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 154 KB
PGP.HS.BrooksAcademy2015.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 8 MB
PGP.HS.ComalISD.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 166 KB
PGP.HS.GPCI.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 2 MB
PGP.HS.HISD.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 44 KB
PGP.SaladoISD.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 494 KB
PublicService-Biomedical_Sciences.HSAWaco.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 651 KB
StudentJobShadowCandidateInformationForm.HSA-WestHouston.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 111 KB
StudentJobShadowFeedbackForm.HSA-WestHouston.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 109 KB
Summer_Bridge.HarlandaleSTEMECHS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 382 KB
THECB_60x30_Strategic_Plan_.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 351 KB
VolunteerHourTemplate.ATEMS.pdf Counselor_Hacks_Pathway_Admin.Student pdf 274 KB
1354556837 Algebra 2 - Amazing Race Notebook Instructions misc pdf 660 KB
PBL - Angry Birds Rubric: Algebra 2 Quadratics misc pdf 66 KB
PBL - Angry Birds Overview: Algebra 2 Quadratics misc pdf 618 KB
Artifacts Master List misc excel 14 KB
Interactive Learning - Algebra I: Factoring & Transformations misc pdf 59 KB
1358963513 PBL - Gold's Gym Entry Document: Predict Heart Rate misc pdf 72 KB
Technology Resources / Links - LISD misc word 15 KB
PBL - Measuring the Imeasurable: Geometry, NSTEM misc pdf 1 MB
1352915635 PBL - Next NBA Superstar Rubric: Geometry Proportions, NSTEM misc pdf 66 KB
PBL - Next NBA Superstar Overview: Geometry Proportions, NSTEM misc pdf 805 KB
Bell Schedule - Parkland HS misc pdf 32 KB
Algebra Transformation Problems misc pdf 2 MB
icon_facebook.png Misc image 15 KB
icon_mail.png Misc image 16 KB
icon_twitter.png Misc image 16 KB
interior_image_01.jpg Misc image 111 KB
interior_image_02.jpg Misc image 78 KB
interior_image_03.jpg Misc image 91 KB
EdTX Policy Priorities STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 572 KB
Grant Writing PPTX STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 2 MB
1434642450 Grant Writing Handouts STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 667 KB
2015 State Accountability Update STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 1 MB
2 HS Advisory Programs STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 1 MB
Advisory Programs - AERA STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 1 MB
iSchool HS Capstone STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 312 KB
PBL Entry Doc - Animals Gone Wild STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 372 KB
PBL Workshop Questions 5.9AC Science STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 212 KB
Instructional_Rounds.pdf STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 766 KB
"One Thing" Handout STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 259 KB
Advisory - Partnership for Change STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 2 MB
PBL Weekly Calendar Template STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 288 KB
PBL Workshops on Deck - PPT STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 937 KB
PBL Workshops on Deck - Full Page Cards STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 722 KB
TX Success Initiative (TSI-RGV Focus) STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 3 MB
Rewiring School Culture STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 332 KB
STEM Academy Bingo STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 489 KB
Rural STEM - Sinton ISD STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 441 KB
"One Thing" PPT STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 4 MB
Google Apps - Doc B STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 164 KB
Tch.Boeing Science-Engineering PBLs STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 2 MB
Advisory: The Glossary of Education Reform STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 1 MB
Google Apps - Doc Q STEM_Summer_Leadership_2015 pdf 886 KB